Dubai Diaries 12 – Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum- Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World was great, I liked the experience. As we were planning to return to Dubai in the evening we decided to squeeze in as many as places we could see!

We returned to the parking lot from the Ferrari World around 2 p.m. and the weather was too hot! It is still February but the weather is very hot. “Summer is coming!” Arvind told us with a small smile after seeing us drenched in sweat after coming out from the Mall. The car was hot like an oven! After turning on the AC we got relief.

While travelling to our next destination we were welcomed by visibly no traffic. I was able to see the Gulf Sea on our route. The sand here is white and the sea is blue. The whole route was looking beautiful with the combination of white and blue. Sometimes by mere luck, we spotted a speck of green also.

Abu Dhabi desert and sea

On the side, I saw some excavators working on a site. Arvind said that the Abu Dhabi Government is planning to make a palm-like artificial Iceland similar to Dubai which can boost its tourism and we want can purchase some property here easily. The prospect looked promising so we thought about looking into this project later.

Abu Dhabi

When we were trying to enter the main part of Abhu Dhabi we passed by a beautiful building with a round dome-type structure on top of it which we mistakenly took as a HOTEL! After taking a wrong turn we again encountered the same building, so we decided to check it out, and voila! we were welcomed by the site of too many people there which is surprising due to the weather and the location.

Without any clue about what this building was about or what was going on there, we purchased the tickets, and believe me it was worth it.

As we were touring the place, we were greeted by too many relics from the past with nice descriptions. After searching we came to know that this was the Louvre Museum which was recently opened! Wow!

The Louvre Museum has a very nice and expensive collection of paintings and statues. Amit loves painting a lot and it’s like he was not able to get enough of anything. This was the first time I saw him so excited. He explained the paintings and why they were so expensive with a lot of enthusiasm. He told me the difference between normal and great painting and how much hard work it takes for that particular piece.

The Louvre Museum is vast and I become very tired after exploring a small part of it. With the hope of returning here one day, we decide to continue our tour of Abu Dhabi.

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