Dubai Diaries 23 – Boat Buffet Ride


Today was a hell of an expiry, I was expecting a huge up move in bank nifty but this is the first time in the last six months that the market closed making a doji. Let’s see what happens next cause there are lots of factors like ltgc, results, etc. which might give a lot of volatility to the market. Anyway in market time Arvind called and told us that he is booking a boat buffet ticket for dinner time. We forget to eat breakfast due to all the expiry excitement. So, I was expecting good food on this boat ride.

Dubai Boat ride near Meena Bazar

We walked from Arvind’s house towards the Meena Bazar. Meena Bazar is a kind of small Indian market, no glamorous things are there unlike the whole of Dubai. You can even find a small apartment kind of temple here. I am used to seeing extravagant temples in India so, this was a kind of shock to me. We are returning to India the day after tomorrow and somehow I am not feeling like returning. I really loved my stay in Dubai but I have a great life in India with my dogs and family.

Dubai Boat Buffet Sun and Moon Boat

From the edge of Meena Bazar, we took a small boat and reached in front of the Rolex hotel building. There I was able to see lots of medium-sized boats decorated beautifully with lights and colours. These boat rides take around 2 2-hour to tour around Dubai Fountain Lake. On this ride, they provide a food buffet and some entertainment.

Tickets can be booked both online as well as offline but to get amazing discounts I will recommend booking them on the spot. The guy with whom Arvind talked from an online website asked for 100-200 AED per person but we were able to get tickets as low as 50 AED/person!


We got on a boat named “Sun and Moon”. The boats looked very beautiful. It has two floors, on the lower one food and entertainment are provided and the upper floor is open so you can just watch star and beautiful buildings around the Dubai Fountain Lake.

Food is not something I will brag about. They had too less options for vegetarians and were not on par with my Indian taste buds. Amit ate lots of chicken curry and he liked it.


The staff was very good. For the entertainment part, there was a guy who did lots of magic tricks which I liked and the dance show was really good. The magician was a talented person and our eyes were glued to the tricks he performed.


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