Dubai Diaries 6 – Mall of the Emirates


After driving around Dubai for the whole afternoon, we decided to go  Mall of the Emirates to eat our lunch. While entering the mall the first thing that caught my eye was the huge parking lot with too many luxurious cars. Due to import duty and lots of tax on cars made outside of India, there is a huge discrepancy in the price of luxurious cars in India and Dubai. We also saw the gold Lamborghini which gets featured in magazines quite frequently.


I liked the sparkling clean tile surfaces in this mall which added a majestic touch to the whole of going to the food court for eating lunch! There were so many high-end luxurious stores in this Mall and there were quite a good number of people shopping there.

Taking pictures of people is strictly prohibited in Dubai and we were stopped by a security guide when we unintentionally took a photo of some people while taking a selfie. Quite a weird rule because it is impossible to get an alone selfie in a crowded place. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Although I should clap for such good security in this Mall.

After finishing the tour of the Mall, we started to look for a place to eat. There are quite a good number of restaurants in the Mall of the Emirates but I was hesitant to go there due to the unavailability of good vegetarian options. In the end, we went to the food court, I ordered a twin burger without mayonnaise as it was not eggless. It cost me around 34 AED and it tasted too bad but I still ate it as I have to fill my stomach somehow.

Amit got a nice variety of choices for him, they even put up a nice display of food there. He ordered chicken tikka and rice kind of things which cost around 45 AED. Arvind ordered hummus and some chicken.

After finishing the food we decided to watch some movies at the VOX Cinema in the Mall. I have never watched 4D movies and Jumanji was playing there. so we decided to watch that and booked our tickets online. It cost us around 420 AED. While collecting the tickets from the counter, I got to taste some free samples of smoothies. I tried the Avocado one and it tasted very good so we ordered it for 24 AED.


The movie experience was not that good. the 4D experience is overhyped and it is not worth the money! It was just chair moving and water spray coming from time to time.

After travelling this much we called it night and slept soundly. If you want to check out next part of my Dubai travel, Click here!

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