Dubai Diaries 13 – Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Abu Dhabi

After having a surprising and short tour of the Louvre Museum, we decided to be on our way to explore more of what Abu Dhabi has to offer!

Abu Dhabi

Due to our exhausting travel and not-so-good eating experience since morning, we decided to find some good place where we could find tasty Indian food. This time Amit found a good Indian restaurant named “Indian Palace Restaurant” after seeing reviews in Zomato.

Abu Dhabi

The interior of the restaurant gave giving majestic vibe with the use of rich golden and brown colours. I liked the food here a lot, the quantity was enough for a person but it was a little bit pricey. It had enough veg. and non-veg. food options and give an authentic Indian taste. All of us liked it very much.

Abu Dhabi is more bigger than Dubai and it is not possible to see everything in one day. The time was flying too fast. For our last stop before returning to Dubai, we decided to visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Abu Dhabi

This is my first time entering any Mosque. In India, I saw mosques from the outside only and never had the curiosity of knowing about What is inside. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is very big. They have huge parking spaces so everyone can find a spot for their car.

Separate entrances for Female and Male is there, they follow a strict dress code that everyone has to follow. Women are supposed to be covered from Head to Toe, so while entering they provide a Hijab which comes in black and brown color in free size. For Males the restriction was very easy, covering shoulders and knees was enough for them. Wearing a hijab was an interesting experience. The hijab was very long for me so it was not very comfortable to wear.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque was really beautiful and grand. they have beautiful fountains, chandeliers, and lavish carpets everywhere showcasing Iranian art. Even the bathrooms and the places where they wash their feet before praying were beautiful. We were not allowed to go to the main praying area but I liked all I was allowed to see.

With this, we completed our short trip to Abu Dhabi and returned to Dubai. We ate Dinner at the favorite restaurant of Arvind named Al Madina restaurant which has great food and stays open 24 x 7!

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